Two New Billy Flynn CDs


Chicago Blues Mandolin
Chicago Blues Mandolin

Featuring Billy Flynn
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  1. Mandolin Special (W. Flynn)
  2. Blues in My Heart (W. Flynn)
  3. Jackson Street (W. Flynn)
  4. Stealin' My Jelly (W. Flynn)
  5. Hi-Way Blues (W. Flynn)
  6. Why Did You Go? (W. Flynn)
  7. Ain't Gonna' Worry (W. Flynn)
  8. Billy's Blues Pt. 2 (W. Flynn)
  9. We're Movin' (W. Flynn)
  10. Ain't Gonna' Worry (acoustic) (W. Flynn)
  11. Billy's Mandolin Boogie (W. Flynn)

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Billy's Blues
Billy's Blues

Featuring Billy Flynn
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  1. I Feel It (W. Flynn)
  2. Oh Yeah, Someday (W. Flynn)
  3. Blues Everyday (W. Flynn)
  4. Doin" Alright (W. Flynn)
  5. Blue Chromatic (W. Flynn)
  6. Come On Now! (W. Flynn)
  7. Blues Today (W. Flynn)
  8. Blues Crawled in My Bed (W. Flynn)
  9. Jaunita (W. Flynn)
  10. All the Luv is Gone (W. Flynn)
  11. Billy's Blues Pt. 1 (W. Flynn)
  12. Liquor Store Blues (W. Flynn)
  13. Trompin' (W. Flynn)
  14. Hamhocks (W. Flynn)

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