New Billy Flynn CD
Blues Drive


Blues Drive

Featuring Billy Flynn
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Disc One
  1. Blues Drive (W. Flynn)
  2. Hearts on Fire (W. Flynn)
  3. Big Money Problems (W. Flynn)
  4. Blue Mood (W. Flynn)
  5. I'm Hooked (W. Flynn)
  6. Time Has Told Me (W. Flynn)
  7. First Stage of the Blues (J. Fuller)
  8. It Could Happen to You (W. Flynn)
  9. Nite Blues (W. Flynn)
  10. Shakin The Boogie (W. Flynn)
  11. Blues Thru the Winter Time (W. Flynn)
Disc Two
  1. Tearin It Up (W. Flynn)
  2. Down-Load (W. Flynn)
  3. Sitar Blues (W. Flynn)
  4. Talk About It (W. Flynn)
  5. New Beginnings (W. Flynn)
  6. Pickin 6-A Go-Go (W. Flynn)
  7. Lady J (W. Flynn)
  8. Whole Lotta Love (R. King)

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Billy Flynn
P.O. Box 70381
Milwaukee, WI 53207

Or E-mail: Billy Flynn

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